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We enjoy our guests to meet with refreshing hospitality and thereby to cause you unforgettable hours.

Let us satisfy your wishes - we're looking forward to meet you!

As members of the Parkhotel team, we foster personal, courteous conduct and interaction. Work should be a pleasure and a rewarding experience for our staff. Each team member is very important to us and appreciated to the full.
The objectives that we as a team put into daily practice and so pass on directly to our guests are:

Enthusiasm & quality
Culinary excellence & wellbeing
Enjoyment & harmony


Our Team

Your host
Beat Bührer

Chantal Bührer

Accounts departement and personnel
Heidi Oester

Anita Gerber (seminar and group responsible), Andrea Leisebach, Janina Jordi, Nicole Sigrist, Eveline Gilgen, Nadia Casanova

Nicole Bischoff, Margrith Blaser, Margrit Fasel, Tanja Nadig, Martina Josi, Brigitte Willener, Minka Imoberstegg

Patricia Senn, Esmeralda Da Silva, Maria Ferreira, Sonja Baptista Lopes, Aboul Hossain, Karim Azimi, Elysha Frauchiger, Furrer Dora, Monika Schnegg, Narumol Mazotti, Samira Frauchiger, Alessandra Amacher, Dominique Walther

Waiting staff
Jon Roksa, Blerim Tafili, Andreas Bartschat, Marc Uthe, Stertsos Achilleas, Markus Fittkov, Nualjan Walter, Prayoon Roksa, Lindita Tafili, Monica Krähenbühl, Céline Wittwer, Alina Meyer, Cédric Moser

George Kotev, Zippora Kölla, Nuno Almeida, Beatrice Isch, Stephan Sommer, Kevin Meinen, Fadil Salihu, Qadur Faith Kazem, Mohamed Hassanan

Inhouse manual worker
Thomas Kappeler, Gideon Blatter


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